Single Parent Holidays – fun with the kids and a hot date?

Single Parents on Holiday

Single Parents on Holiday

Single Parents Holidays – The thrills, fun and tears

Though Parents Dating is a dating platform that brings single parents together, we recognise that we are not the only ways single parent can get to meet each other, there many other sites like us and of course, there is the traditional ways dating singles get to find one another, including holidays, especially niche holiday designed for single parents.

Package holidays designed for singles is now new, though it tends to attract hedonistic singles. But the popularity and success of special package holidays for singles has made tour operators look into extending the niche to singles parents hence, single parents holidays was born. There is a stark difference between single parent holidays and holidays for singles in general, for a start, regular singles holidays tends to be designed for men and women aged between 21 and 36 while single parent holiday package are designed for a much higher age group, about two decades older than in the case of single parents holidays.

While regular singles holiday is all about sun, sea and sex, holidays for single parents is more about sun, sea and keeping kids happy. Where the specialist part of single parents holidays come to its own i when the holiday centre take the children off the parents hands so that they can socialise and get to know each other, this is where possibilities of romance raises its head.

Depending on the holiday operator, a single parents holiday should have several opportunities for the parents to interact. In the case of mums and dads with older children, this happen when the children are taken away for activities they like and a social function is organise for the parents to mingle, again, it is on this kind of social gathering that single dads and single mums who could chat with each other and see if they have things in common.

Well, we will rather you find you partner at our site but if you also want to try going on a single parent holiday, the link below shows some single parents holiday providers:

Single Parents Holiday Websites

  • Small Families
  • Single with kids
  • Child Friendly

To make paying child maintenance from an absent parent to the parent looking after a child or children when couple split up easier and cheaper to collect a group of MPs looking into the matter have come up with recommendation which includes deducting child maintenance payment directly from pay packets.

A full account of the recommendations is contaned in a BBC article which goes thus:

They found the Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission cost 50p for every £1 it collected and had failed to collect £3.8bn in payments due.

The Work and Pensions Committee called on the government to make the child support system more efficient.

The commission replaced the much-criticised Child Support Agency.

The committee found that many separated parents did not receive regular maintenance for their children and in some cases did not get payments at all.

Officials can take money directly from those who fall behind but the committee said direct payments from bank accounts or salaries should be required in all cases.

The government has said it wants to encourage separated parents to come to their own voluntary arrangements.

But its plans to charge a fee and call in officials to collect the payments of couples who cannot reach such an agreement were criticised by the MPs.

They also said the new agency still had operational weaknesses.

read the full story at bbc


David Cameron has been accused of “ripping away” support from single parents, just hours after making a stinging attack on absent fathers.

The prime minister said “runaway dads” should be “stigmatised” in the same way as drink-drivers.

But charity Gingerbread said government proposals to charge those needing state help to obtain child maintenance would make life harder for lone parents.

Ministers said they wanted to encourage parents to settle their own affairs.
‘Beyond the pale’

Writing in the Sunday Telegraph to mark Father’s Day, the prime minister said fathers who failed to “financially and emotionally” support their children must face consequences.

“It’s high time runaway dads were stigmatised and the full force of shame was heaped upon them,” he said.

“They should be looked at like drink-drivers, people who are beyond the pale.



The child maintenance regime in UK has been in turmoil for years. CSA (child support agency) which was in charge of collecting child support from absent parents did not do a good job for all the years it was in existence. Loads of tinkering was made to CSA without any of the changes helping collect or enforce child maintenance order.

The new child maintenance arrangement being proposed will see the government charging the parent collecting the child maintenance being charged by the government for doing so. The proposal has sparked a lot of criticism from single parents and charities. Some charities have warned in a letter to Theresa May, minister for women and equalities about the potential problem this new child maintenace proposal will cause single mothers.

Proposed changes are designed to encourage estranged parents to come to a voluntary agreement on how much support the non-resident parent should contribute.

Those unable to come to a voluntary agreement will have to pay if they want the state to enforce a settlement and collect the money on their behalf. These charges will usually be met by the mother, according to Gingerbread, the charity that campaigns for single parents.

Calling for the government to reconsider its proposals, the letter signed by nine women’s organisations and parenting charities, states: “Ninety-seven per cent of parents with care who are eligible to receive child maintenance are women. It is our view that the proposed procedural and financial hurdles to be introduced from 2012 for all applicants to the statutory maintenance system will unfairly impact on them, rather than on non-resident parents (mostly fathers) who have failed to meet their responsibilities to their children.”


ive your mother the best mother’s day gift – online dating subscription

perfect mother's day gift parents dating subscription

Mothers days is that special day dedicated to honouring mothers. There are various ways of celebrating this important date in the parenting calendar, some children do simple things to show their appreciation of their mother including little but significant gestures like bringing your  mother a meal in bed, sending her a bunch or flowers, taking her to her favourite restaurant or doing a combination of the above.

One or a multiple of the above gift for a mother is fantastic, but wait, there is a gift that probably does not readily feature on the list of gifts to give your mother on mother’s day and that is the gift of a subscription to online dating site for single parents like Parents Dating.

Of course, subscription to a dating site will not be the prefect gift for every mother but if your mother is single and you know she will love to meet a new man, perhaps you should make her mother’s day present one that could put her on the way to meeting the right man.

Online dating is one of the most popular way to meet a new partner this days, even the government consider it such and important part of our lives that subscription to online dating sites is now used as part of government measure of national inflation

Parents Dating is one of the leading dating sites for single mothers in the UK. The site is part of a network of UK dating sites that boast of thousands of members locally and million nation wide. Why not give your mother that special gift on mothers day, the gift of a subscription to a happier life.
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Dating Advice for Single Parents

Dating or even the mere though of it can bring fantastic feeling! The possibilities of exploring new horizon, meeting a new interesting person and the though that after the frogs you have kissed in the past, you are finally going to kiss your prince or princess. You can almost see yourself and that special person walking hand-in-hand facing life as team, taking on challenges that faces us all in our day to day life together and winning.
The above describes the feeling and hopes of any single person looking for a partner but for a single parent, you need to temper your dreams of finding love with how to integrate your new love into the family you already have, this is where the dreams of love for a single parent takes a slightly different turn to that of a man or woman who does not have a child or children yet.

When re-entering the dating scene as a single parent, unless you meet your potential date at a website such as Parent Dating, one of the cards you must lay on the table before the start of courtship is to let the other person know you are already a parent so that the other party can clarify his or her position on dating someone with a child. Given the fact that parenthood is an important part of your identity, this should be addressed before you take things further.

If you are looking for a long term relationship (which this article assume you are) it is quite important to ensue that your potential date is not just tolerant of children but actually love children and he/she is prepared to play an active role in your childrens’ life. He/she will not be a substitute for their birth father/mother but because of the active and important role he/she will play in your life as your partner and given the significance of children in a single parents life, it is absolutely essential that you date loves children.

Once the metaphorical elephant in the room has been addresses, it is time to get to know your date better. The fact that you are a parent already means you know how to proceed with this aspect of dating so we will take the advice from when you introduce your children to your new love.

There is no text book date time or stage of a relationship when a child/children should be introduced to the new love of your life. The main think should be to ensure that the child has got over your separation from his/her other parent. Gradually introduce your new partner to your child/children, the first meeting is probably best at neutral place such as park. Introducing your new partner to your children at your home or his/her home may not be the best starting point.

After some of the meeting with your new partner at a park, gauge what your children thinks of the person, you should incorporate their feeling into how you proceed with the relationship. If your children are lukewarm or absolutely adore the person, this are encouraging signs, if they dislike or cannot stand the potential partner at all, you should strongly consider not continuing with that relationship.

Assuming that the kids likes your new partner, the personal relationship between the two of you is great as well, it is so good that you are even thinking of living together. At this stage you may want to consider finding out some background information about your partner. This can be and extremely delicate matter as the partner may think you do not trust him/her but of this is handled carefully and discussed well, there should be no reason why your new partner should not allow you to do a CRB or other check to put your mind at rest, knowing that the person you are bringing home and trusting with your children is a person of integrity.

Dating as a single parents can be fun and fulfilling without taking anything away from your child/children if you go about it carefully.


Flirtomatic, one of the most well-known dating site from UK has released an interesting survey related to online flirting habits and the results come as a great news for UK “cougars”: 83% of men have no problem flirting with women ten years older than them. On the other hand, only 58% of women are happy to flirt with older men, but still, what is over 50% should be a happy news for older men as well, isn’t it?

Over 9 thousands Internet users participated to this survey from Flirtomatic and with results such as majority of UK folks flirt more than 5 times a day, it is more like a surprise that there are still tens of thousands of singles all over the UK. The study also revealed that surprisingly women are less likely than men to search for love and long-term commitments through online dating websites.

According to this survey, women are not being sensitive when it comes to their real age, as  they were before; actually, only 9% of women lie about their age when flirting with a man but on the other hand 11% of men lie about their age when mingling with a person of opposite sex. This is yet another conclusion that should definitely change the way most senior women usually lie about their real age when trying to hook-up with someone.

Only 28% of women participating to this Flirt Report are searching for their love only while 32% of men are seeking for a romance on online dating site. The explanation comes from Jean Smith (Social Anthropologist) who explained that women are starting to feel more confident in living a single life and also start to enjoy the benefits of no-strings-attached relations, while men are starting to look more into serious long-term relationship while in the same time still enjoying the benefits of no strings intimate pleasure.

The Flirt Report concludes with good news about the future of online dating – virtual dates and parties are increasing in popularity and dating sites are still considered the best ice-breakers for a potential forming couple.


A scheme for vetting people who work with children which is potentially to be extended to conver partners of a single parent man or woman is to be scrpped.  This has not been announced yet but reliable sources said the scheme will be announced shortly.

The Daily Telegraph reports that following a review of the Vetting and Barring Scheme, criminal record checks will only be carried out on those who have intensive contact with the young.

A potential 9m adults – who came into contact with children once a week or more – had been subject to checks.

Home Secretary Theresa May suspended it last June so a review could be held.

A Home Office spokesman said an official announcement – which affects England, Wales and Northern Ireland – would be made shortly.

The previous government set up the Vetting and Barring Scheme (VBS) in 2009 in response to the murder of schoolgirls Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman in Soham in 2002 by school caretaker Ian Huntley.

Halting the initiative last summer, the home secretary called it “draconian”, and launched a review in October.

The Telegraph has reported that it will now be scaled back significantly – with half the number of people affected – and the emphasis shifted on to employers to ensure the right staff are screened.

Crime reduction charity Nacro cautiously welcomed the news but called for more fundamental reform of the existing “complex and confusing” policy.

A spokesman said employers needed to be better informed about how to use checking systems and tackle the discrimination many ex-offenders experienced.

“The level of checks has escalated disproportionately since they were established,” he said.

“It means good people who have made a mistake and turned their backs on crime have their careers and hope for rehabilitation put on the line.”

The government will also announce that criminal record checks are to be sent to individuals first – before they go to potential employers – to allow them to challenge any mistakes, the paper said.

Ms May has previously called for a more “common sense” approach that did not risk alienating volunteers doing valuable work.

You are very welcome to comment on this report by using our comments facility.


The institution of marriage has taken a severe beating in modern times and the concept of living in relationships and many divorces has meant that there are many single parents out there looking for potential partners. Unfortunately many among them have a tendency to feel rather spent and isolated and do not venture into fresh dating, That is rather ironical because from a dating perspective, they are the ideal group of people to woo since they have already demonstrated their ability to raise a family, have lived with somebody and would thus know the pros and cons of a relationship and have also undergone the trials and tribulations of married life. They thus have all the right and eligibility criteria to get back into active dating and their partners should feel happy that they have been able to find somebody so experienced.

But things do not quite work out that way. Single parents spend a lot of time tending to their children as one means of killing time outside work and as a means to fill the void created by the separation from their partner. They do tend to withdraw them selves from the social scene and want more time for them selves to get over a broken relationship. Very few of them realize that by spending more and more time with the children and not getting social, they are being hard on the child or children. Continue reading »


Parents already but looking for a date

Are you already a parent but single? perhaps you don’t even have a child but you do not mind going out with a man or woman who already have a child or children, you may find this site a useful resource in your search for the right date.

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