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About Parents Dating Single Parent Dating SiteResearch into single parenthood and Internet usage suggests that single parents are one of the groups that benefit the most from Internet dating revolution. The survey suggest that as a single parent, one of the things you are in extreme short supply of is time to socialise, including time to meet potential partners in one of the more traditional ways new romantic relationships are formed, making online dating an excellent time efficient way to find a new partner.

Parents Dating was specifically setup to meet the needs of men and women who are parents already, but single. Some of the reasons lone parents choose to use dating sites like Parents Dating includes the fact that because the site is positioned for lone parents, online datersĀ  who are not interested in dating a single parent will be filtered out by Parents Dating unique selling proposition, making your chances of finding a partner who does not have any hangups about dating a single parent.

Parents Dating uses leading Internet technologies to make online dating for single parents happen. We deploy some of the core technologies of Web 2.0, including features such as user generated contents, ability to share pictures and other materials, instant messaging and chat. Parents Dating brings a new edge to online dating. Our site even interact with popular social networking sites such as Facebook so that you can important you pictures from Facebook to your Parents Dating profile.

Parents Dating hope to help you find a long time relationship through our fun and interact online dating platform. We love hearing from our users, please feel free to give us feedback about our services and suggestion as to how we can serve you better via our contact page.

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