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Up the and down the length and breadth of UK, every weekend and sometime during the week a popular courtship ritual in the form of dancing takes place at night clubs, pubs and bars. Until recently, this is the most popular ways for dating singles to meet.

The advent of the Internet has changed the dominance of pubs and clubs in bringing dating singles together,  online dating is now as popular if not more popular than the traditional methods singles who are dating come together.

There are several benefits to singles dating online, especially single parents. One very obvious benefit for a dating single parent is the convenience of being able to view several profiles online, in the comfort of your own home. Profile that does not describe the kind of person you hope to meet is quickly discarded and contact made with one that look promising. This method saves a single looking for a date a lot of hassles that sometimes arises when turning down a dance with someone you don't fancy in a club.

Another important advantage an online dating site have over looking for a date in a pub or club is that for a single mother or single father, the hassle of having to find a baby sitter each time you need to go out is minimised.

Despite the convenience of online dating for dating singles, there are some limitation as well. A single mother who use online dating to meet some guy claimed quite a few of them are nothing like there picture, including a man who was significantly shorter than he claimed to be on his online dating profile.

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