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Single Father Seeking Long Term Relationship

When relationship with children break down, most of the time, mothers tends to keep the children, in some cases, the father get to keep the child or children. Single fathers are not common, especially a single father parenting a young child. Most of the time, single dads arises when the child or children are a bit older and they choose to go and live with dad.

For a single father, just like it is for a single mother, dating become a bit complicated. In addition to finding that special woman who tick all the boxed for you, she will also have to get on reasonably well with your son or daughter, which can be quite challenging at time, especially if the woman you are dating does not have any experience with children.

Parents Dating site recognise the additional issued dating a single parent can bring to a relationship, because most of our members  are either parents themselves or are happy to date a single father, just getting that out of the way in itself helps lay  an excellent framework for the beginning of a relationship.

This page is created as an entry point for women looking to date a single father. You can use the search form on the top of this site to search for a single dad in your area, you can also register to be a member free of charge, upload your picture and profile and single fathers in your area can contact you.  However if you proactively seek out the most compatible singles fathers may be a much quicker way to find a suitable date.

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